The Case of the Missing Muse (ebook)

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Lost your Muse and don't know where to find her?  This 19 page booklet (PDF format) provides a wealth of creativity and inspiration finding tips from Dramatica co-creator, Melanie Anne Phillips.
From the prologue:



Missing Party: Muse

Description: Unpredictable, Inventive, Capricious

Last Seen: At the end of the previous story


I can’t tell you how many times this kind of case has landed on my desk.  Sometimes my writing students didn’t even know their Muse was missing.  They had become so wrapped up in the nuts and bolts of story development they hadn’t realized it had vanished somewhere in the process.


Though everyone’s Muse is a little different, they all have certain qualities in common.  Based on these, I’ve compiled a few techniques over the years to help you track yours down and bring it back where it belongs.

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