Storyweaving Tips E-Book

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This 170 page book may be the single most insightful collection of articles about the story development process you have ever encountered.

Each tip is a complete and detailed exploration of a unique perspective that will enable you to find inspiration, develop characters and plot, organize your time, and tell your tale with a passionate and riveting style.

Written by Melanie Anne Phillips, creator of StoryWeaver story development software and co-creator of Dramatica, these eye-opening essays and lessons were penned over an eight year period and are compiled here in book form for the first time!

Your money back if you don't find your both your abilities as a writer and your writing experience greatly improved.  (Just let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase price!)

Partial Table of Contents:

Introduction to StoryWeaving

Be a Story Weaver - NOT a Story Mechanic!

Story Structure for Passionate Writers

Tricking the Muse: The Creativity Two-Step

Introducing the "Story Mind"

Why a Story Mind?

What’s In Your Story’s Mind?

Finding your "Creative Time"


Your Story As A Person

Beating Writers Block!

Pen, Pencil or Quill?

The Nonsense Technique for Beating Writers Block

The Writer’s Notebook

Writing from the Passionate Self

Throughlines (and how to use them!)

Work Stories vs. Dilemma Stories

Comparing Writing Software Paradigms

Slicing and Dicing

The Dramatica Theory

Origins of a Story

Screenwriting 101

Blowing The Bubble

A Screenwriter’s Bag of Tricks

A Novelist’s Bag of Tricks

Character Justification

The 12 Essential Questions - "Resolve"

Writing from a Character’s Point of View

The Chemistry of Characters

Love Interests & the Dramatic Triangle

Psychoanalyze Your Story

To Change, or NOT to Change

Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex

Characters as Things

Antagonist vs. Obstacle Character

Character Development Tricks!

"My Hero!"

The Narrator

The Villain

The Main Character

Fire Your Protagonist!

The Archetypal Characters: Protagonist and Antagonist

Creating Characters from Scratch

Creating Characters from Plot

Characters - The Attributes of Age

The Hero Breaks Down

Character Arc 101

Male vs. Female Problem Solving

"Yes, but it is a PLOT?!"

Plot vs. Exposition

The "Collective" Goal


Four Essential Plot Points

Revealing Your Goal

Genre: Revealing Your Story’s Personality

"Genre - Act by Act

Avoiding the Genre Trap

Both Sides of the Thematic Argument

"Coming Apart At The Themes"

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