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Write Your Novel Or Screenplay Step By Step

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StoryWeaver is so named because it employs a technique for drawing story threads from your original concept, much as a weaver might draw thread from wool. Step by step, you grow and clarify your story as you twist the threads into a yarn, spin that yarn, and eventually weave it into the tapestry of your story.

Whether you already have a story you wish to improve or are just starting out with no more than a concept, StoryWeaver will help you grow your story, adding power to your plot, passion to your characters, humanity to your theme and richness to your genre.

StoryWeaver isn't a web site, an organizational tool, or a series of fill-in-the-blank questions, but a sophisticated story development program.  It runs on our servers and is accessed through your web browser, so you can use it on any internet connected device. As you work with your story, you can move seamlessly from laptop, to tablet, to smart phone, and from Windows to Mac, iOS, Android, or Chrome.  So now your Muse follows you!

For more than ten years, the original desktop version of StoryWeaver has been used by writers around the globe to build their story''s world, who's in it, what happens to them, and what it all means.

Developed by the co-creator of Dramatica, StoryWeaver guides you through a creative pathway of more than 200 interactive Story Cards that lead you from concept to completion, one step at a time.

Every step of the way you'll know exactly what your story needs and what to do next as you develop a riveting plot, memorable characters, a compelling theme, and an involving genre.

Each Story Card covers a single topic and automatically quotes your responses to selected previous Story Cards to help you address your current development project.

In this edition of StoryWeaver, the development path has been enhanced with all-new sections on finding inspiration, deepening your ideas, projecting your story forward, and unfolding it for your readers or audience in the most powerful manner.

Key Features in the all-new StoryWeaver Cloud Edition include:

200 Interactive Story Cards

All 200 steps have now been enhanced with Action Buttons such as Tell Me More, Tips, and Examples to provide all-new information about each step of story development and how-to suggestions.

Work On Multiple Stories Simultaneously

Create as many individual Story Projects as you like and switch between them with the click of a button, whenever inspiration strikes.

Safe Data Storage Plus Download

With the new StoryWeaver, you'll get the convenience of securely storing your story development on the cloud, and also have the protection of downloading your work to your device for local storage as well.

"Tell Me More" Button

Many Story Cards have an all-new Tell Me More button that explores more deeply the task of the moment in order to put it in context for more consistent overall story development.

Writing Tips

StoryWeaver's Tips button provides practical techniques and shortcuts for accomplishing each task.


The StoryWeaver Cloud Edition has scores of new examples to illustrate the process on a sample story.

Adjustable Font Size

The most requested feature by users of the previous version of StoryWeaver was the ability to change font size depending on screen resolution.  And now you have it!  The Font-Size menu allows you to globally increase/decrease font size across the entire program, including on your response text!

Streamlined Story Path Navigation

We've completely redesigned StoryWeaver's navigation system to now include Next Step and Previous Step buttons for simplicity, but also to allow for direct navigation to any Story Card in the path with collapsible section headings, and a "You Are Here" indicator in the path list.

Place-Holder: Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

StoryWeaver's new Place-Holder feature remembers where you were when you sign off or change devices, and will automatically return you to the last Story Card you were on.

The Notes Window

Open the new Notes Window from anywhere in StoryWeaver to jot down or refer to your creative concepts whenever inspiration strikes.

The Story Window

Open the new Story Window whenever you are inspired to write part or all of your story, no matter where you are in the StoryWeaver path.

Free Upgrades!

Future features?  All free!  As a subscriber, new features are added automatically as soon as they are available, never any extra charge, added-feature fee, or up-selling.

StoryWeaver is the only program that guides you step by step
through the entire story development process.

Subscribe for an entire year for just $29.95,
and may the Muse be with you!

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