Outline 4D - Timeline & Organization (Windows Download)

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An Outliner on Steroids with

Timeline View & Element Tracking

Outline 4D
 gives you the most powerful way to outline, plan, and present your ideas! It is a remarkable outlining program that lets you brainstorm, create, structure and organize your ideas. In addition to a traditional vertical outline format, Outline 4D has a horizontal timeline format that is vastly superior to index cards, blocks, and traditional outlining systems. 

Outline 4D has limitless space for your big ideas. The software enhances the research and organization of your writing, helps you visualize your project and outline structure, and speeds the process of brainstorming and creation. It lets you create virtual index cards that contain unlimited text: from a few words to hundreds of pages. 

Structure your ideas with Outline 4D's powerful Outline View or remarkable Timeline View to get a stronger visual sense of your outline. The Tracking Feature allows you to track anything you want in your project, as well as show connections between events and characters, objects or key words, revealing the rhythms and patterns of your project in seconds. Outline 4D lets you see your outlines like never before!

Outline 4d screenshotPowerful Outliner

Outline 4D's Outline window provides a familiar word processor interface that lets you write in a familiar top-to-bottom manner, similar to other outliners. Each bullet-point in an outline is called an Event. Add and remove events, edit them, promote or demote them (change their indent in the outline), move them around the outline, and selectively hide or show portions of the outline. Get to know the basic features and youíll be an outlining pro. It's easy. View additional screenshots: [screenshot 2] [screenshot 3] [screenshot 4]


See How All The Pieces Fit Together

Panoramic TimelineOutline 4D lets you create the elements of your project and arrange them on a timeline. See what events make up your project, as well as how many minutes (projects, movies, Television) or how many pages (novels, other stories) each event occupies. Zoom back for a full panorama of your entire project and ìsee the forest for the trees,î or zoom in to focus on the smallest detail.

Take spontaneous ideas and place them at any point in your projectís timeline ñ even if you donít know what comes before or after that piece! Add the building blocks of your project in any order and immediately see any gaps!


Limitless SpaceLimitless Space for your Big Ideas

Outline 4D lets you create virtual index cards that contain unlimited text. Create items that range from a few words up to hundreds of pages. Project elements are easily manipulated and rearranged, regardless of their length.


Visualize and Outline Using Any Structuring Method

Outline StructureOutline 4Dís hierarchies let you organize your project from the broadest strokes down to the smallest detail. You can visualize structure using almost any writing system developed. Levels, tracks and event names are configured easily by you, making it simple to follow the methods of your favorite writing instructor. Build templates from which to develop your project, or use any of the pre-made templates that come with Outline 4D.


TrackingTrack Important Aspects of your Project

Visually track almost any kind of information in your project, such as people, places, benchmarks, ideasóvirtually anything you want. Outline 4D even can search your project for specific keywords and make connections automatically as you write!

Click a button and Outline 4D highlights portions of your project connected to selected tracks. Instantly see where specific items or concepts appear in your project. Itís the ultimate way to get an overview of your project.


PrintingPrint an Impressive Map of your Project

Outline 4D lets you print wall-sized maps of your project. You decide the number of pages you want your project to fit onófrom a single sheet to many sheets, depicting the timeline of your entire project. You can even print your projectís timeline on a large, continuous sheet of paper using a large format printer (available at many copy centers). Of course, Outline 4D also prints standard reports that show the text of your project in standard outline form.


Dramatica Pro and Movie Magic ScreenwriterConnect to other Powerful Writing Tools

Outline 4D is designed to work with Microsoft Word, and other Write Brothers software: Dramatica Pro, Dramatica Writer's DreamKit, and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Dramatica users can quickly import a Dramatica project file, making the initial writing, illustrating and weaving of your project a snap!

For the screenwriter or playwright, Outline 4D can take your project text and with the click of one button export it to Write Brothersí Movie Magic Screenwriter, the most powerful screenplay word processor available. Within seconds your script is automatically paginated according to professional screenplay standards, ready to print and distribute to readers.

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