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The Dramatica Software predicts many things about your story when you answer just a few questions. But how does it do that?

Dramatica accomplishes this amazing feat by employing a revolutionary concept that each story is actually a model of a single mind, a Story Mind, in which Characters, Plot, Theme, and Genre represent different "families of thought" made tangible.

It is the model of the Story Mind which has been implemented into Dramatica's Story Engine which allows the software to predict.

Why a Story Mind? When an author wants to fully explore an issue, he or she must anticipate all the ways anyone in the audience might think of looking at that issue. If any points of view or considerations are left out, there will be a hole in the story's structure.

When all of the ways of looking at an issue within the scope of the exploration are included, then all the ways a mind might look at that issue are covered. In effect, a model is created of perspectives Any Mind might take in regard to that issue.

Even though the issues will change from story to story, the perspectives remain the same. They are, in fact, a representation of the mind's problem solving process.

Mental Relativity describes the nature and function of the mind in terms of this model. It offers insights into how to solve problems in our own lives by opening up new perspectives on the issues we face daily.

The book, Mental Relativity, contains a collection of essays by Melanie Anne Phillips, co-creator of the Dramatica theory and software, which outline the personal and professional uses of this new look at the mind which was discovered in the age-old craft of storytelling.

Be the author of your own destiny as you re-write the story of your life!

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