Introduction to Structure - A two-hour Video Program

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"Introduction to Structure" is the first offering in the StoryWeaving Seminar Series that documents the two-day workshop presented by Dramatica co-creator Melanie Anne Phillips.

This two-hour video unveils a whole new way of looking at story structure and applying it to you novel or screenplay.

Your purchase includes all three of the following:

  • An online streaming video version on our web site
  • A downloadable version in HD mp4 format (1 Gb)
  • A downloadable version in SD mp4 format (355 Mb)

The program covers all these topics:

1. Structure vs.Passion

2. Structure Trumps Passion

3. Structure as a Carrier Wave

4. Four Aspects of Structure

5. Four Stages of Communication

6. Story Depth and Breadth

7. Structure vs. Storytelling

8. Cyrano vs. Roxanne - How to Avoid Broken Structure

9. Scrooged and Structure Failure

10 Story Structure DNA

11. The Story Mind

12. A Tale is a Statement

13. A Story is an Argument

14.  The Dramatica Model

15. The Four Throughlines

16. Structure vs. Art

17. Introduction to the Hero

18. To Kill a Mockingbird

19. Unique Requirements of Screenplay Structure

20. Main Character vs. Protagonist

21. Deconstruction the Hero and Villain

Once you have completed viewing this two-hour program  you will have a whole new understanding of story structure and how to use it for your novel or screenplay.

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