Idea Spinner - Your Best Defense Against Writer's Block! (Windows Download)

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Idea Spinner Features, Instructions, and Support Materials

Key Features

  • Beat writer’s block once and for all!
  • Create a detailed Idea Web from your original concept
  • Add unlimited idea threads to your Idea Web
  • Use the zoom slider in the lower left to zoom in and out of your idea web
  • Click and drag to move around your Idea Web
  • Use the font increase/decrease buttons to adjust font size
  • Use the “^” icons on each idea box to move the position of that box in the web.
  • Export your idea web to your word processor as a concept outline.
  • Work on as many different idea webs as you like at the same time.
  • Saved files preserve your entire web: every box in its exact position as you left it.

Basic Instructions

Idea Spinner helps you avoid creative block and expand your ideas by shifting back and forth between your analytic mind and your creative mind.

When you open Idea Spinner you will see a single idea box. Enter your idea, such as, “Aliens land on earth.” Then, click the “Ask a question about this idea” button. This will open a question box. Enter a question about your original idea. For our example about aliens we might ask, “Does anyone know about this?” To ask another question about your idea, click the “Ask a question” button on the first box again. A second question box will appear. In our example we might ask, “In what year does this take place?”

The more questions we ask, the more starting points we create for new idea threads to spin into our overall concept. Once you have asked all the questions you want about your idea, it is time to answer those questions. To do this, click the “Provide an answer to this question” button on one of the question boxes to open an answer box. In our example, we’ll click on the question, “Does anyone know about this?” and answer “Yes, but only one man and no one believes him.” We’ll click the “Answer” button again and enter, “No, they have come in stealth.”

For every question you provide answers. About every answer you ask questions. Quickly you create an entire idea web that ultimately becomes a fully developed concept.

Links to Support Materials

Idea Spinner is based on concepts first presented in two articles on story development that were published on our web site. These articles provide a great insight into the process and how to apply it.

Article one: The Creativity Two-Step

Article two: Never Be Stuck for a Plot Again!

Sample File (Requires Idea Spinner)

Load this sample file to see how to use Idea Spinner. Have a file you’d like to contribute? We’ll post it here.

Sample file: The Sheriff and the Gang

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