Dramatica Tips and Tricks E-Book

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175 pages packed with  tips & tricks for story structure, storytelling, & Dramatica in PDF format!

This amazing volume by the co-creator of Dramatica is crammed with practical tips for improving your writing and mastering the Dramatica software!

  • Each topic gets right to the point, zeroing in on a powerful writing technique you can put to use immediately.
  • You'll find hundreds of ideas that will surprise you, shock you, and challenge your creative preconceptions.
  • You'll improve your writing and journey into whole  new creative avenues, even when you aren't using the Dramatica software.
  • You get plenty of software tips as well that reveal hidden features, creative shortcuts, and even features to avoid altogether!

Topics include:

Structure vs. Passion, How to Create Great Characters!, Heroes & Villains, Conflict Can Limit Your Characters, To Change, or NOT to Change..., Love Interests & the Dramatic Triangle, Writing from a Character’s Point of View, Writing Characters of the Opposite Sex, Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Next Tuesday, Subplots, "Illegal" Plot Progressions, Using the Plot Sequence Report, Goals & Concerns, "Premise" leads to lack of conflict, A New Approach to Genre, The Creative Way to Use Dramatica, What is the best way for a new user to approach Dramatica?, Where to Start: Story Engine, Theme Browser, Query System, The Dangers of Micromanaging Your Story, How to Tell if your Story’s Structure (Storyform) is Right, How to Psychoanalyze Your Story, and many more!

Let Dramatica's co-creator open your eyes to the easy way to carry your story from concept to completion.

Order Dramatica Tips & Tricks today and get your story written!

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