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Dramatica will improve your story or your money back!

Try Dramatica Risk-Free for 90 Days:

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Dramatica is the only story development software with a patented interactive story engine that cross-references your dramatic choices to ensure a sound structure.

Dramatica has been employed on top-grossing motion pictures, award-winning television productions and best-selling novels with combined box office and sales of billions of dollars.  Dramatica is ALSO the only story development software to receive four stars from Writer's Digest magazine, and is praised by Wired magazine, CNN and many other publications.

Give your novel or screenplay
Perfect Story Structure!

Here's how...

The  World's Only Interactive Story Engine

The heart of Dramatica software is its patented story engine that keeps track of every choice you make for your story, cross references their collective dramatic impact and alerts you to any holes or inconsistencies in  your structure.  Your story will be solid every step of the way through development.

Makes Suggestions To Improve Your Structure

Dramatica's story engine not only points our holes and inconsistencies, but also provides suggestions for the best kinds of topics and story points to fill and fix them.  You'll always know what to do to solve your story problems.

Develops Detailed and Structurally Sound Characters

Dramatica's Build Characters tool enables you to select from a palate  of traits and elements and assemble them into structurally sound characters who have a real purpose in your story.  You can built anything from archetypes to complex characters to single-purpose characters and stereotypes.  You'll always know who your characters are and why they are there.

Builds Your Plot in Signposts and Journeys

Dramatica gives your plot a complete timeline, marked out in signposts (key junctures) and journeys (the path by which those junctures are reached.  In the Plot Progression area, you'll see how your characters' arcs interact with the flow of your plot so each drives, affects and is affected by the other, integrating the human and logistic aspects of your story.  You'll always know what happens in Act 2!

Helps With Inspiration, Development, Exposition and Storytelling

Dramatica's Brainstorming section will help you choose a structure from over 30,000 available!  You can then tailor each to your particular story with Dramatica ensuring you maintain a solid structure.  Dramatica will suggest characters for your story, with slider controls to determine the balance of traits and attributes.  Get Step by Step guidance with the StoryGuide, which takes you point by point through the entire development process.  Every story point provides examples from well-known novels, stage plays and movies that share your dramatics.  Build your story chapter by chapter or scene by scene with built-in templates for novels and screenplays.

Features and Screen Shots:

desktoptn.gif (4335 bytes)

Main Dramatica Desktop Your gateway to all Dramatica's key features

storyguidetn.gif (2375 bytes)

StoryGuide A question list that can take you step by step from concept to completed treatment

storyenginetn.gif (4004 bytes)

Story Engine Make changes in your dramatic structure and see the story-wide effect on other key aspects of your story

buildcharacterstn.gif (3705 bytes)

Build Characters Create archetypal or complex characters and predict their relationships based on their traits

plotprogressiontn.gif (2236 bytes)

Plot Progression Let Dramatica predict the order of events needed to support your structure, or choose the order directly and let Dramatica predict the structure

themebrowsertn.gif (3275 bytes)

Theme Browser Choose your thematic topics and see how they will affect your characters and plot.

scenecreationtn.gif (1661 bytes)

Exposition Map Work out how you will unfold your story before you write

reportstn.gif (5042 bytes)

Reports Let Dramatica "psychoanalyze" your characters, plot, and theme. Print out a sequential outline of your entire story

Dramatica doesn't write your story for you, but cross-references your dramatic choices to ensure a sound structure before your write.

With Dramatica's help, you'll know if a problem is caused by what you are saying or how you are saying it. You'll know which characters will be changed by their experiences and specifically in which ways. You'll know with absolute certainty "what happens in act 2" and the precise order of events. You'll develop a theme that is shaded and toned, rather than ham-handed and simplistic.

Can a software tool really improve your story's structure?

There's only one way to find out.  Try Dramatica risk-free for 90 days.  We're confident you will find Dramatica to be the key to perfect story structure.  But if it doesn't work well with your personal writing style, just let us know and we'll promptly refund your original purchase price.

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