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Throughine is an interactive index card program that organizes your story ideas and creative notions the way you think about them.

Click and drag to rearrange your cards, add titles, colors, link to files on your computer or on the internet including media files.

Five different Layout modes:

1. Freestyle Layout - works like a bulletin board. Move and group your cards anywhere on the screen - even stack them in piles.

2. Single Line Layout - best for sequences. Creates a single auto-wrapping line of cards. When you drag a card from one position in the sequence to another, the line automatically opens up to accept the card and pulls up the space where it was.

3. Multiple Line Layout - similar to Single Line Layout, but allows multiple horizontal lines, so you can work with multiple sequences simultaneously and view them side by side.

4. Timeline Layout - similar to Multiple Line Layout, but allows cards in each sequence to be positioned freestyle anywhere in that line. In this way, cards can represent points in time so, for example, one line might hold cards for chapters or acts and another line might hold scenes or beats.

5. Snap-To-Grid Layout - creates a grid pattern on your screen where cards can be positioned in any cell, leaving spaces wherever you like.

Other Great Features...

Sub Cards - Create sub-cards within any card, just like having files within folders. So, for example, you could have a card for every character in a story and each character could have multiple sub-cards for their traits, physical attributes, even for their character arc. Sub-cards can have their own sub-cards, so you can go as deeply into detail as you like.

Link to Files, URLs - You can create hyperlinks right in each card to files on your computer or on the internet including medial files and web pages. In this way your reference materials are right at hand as you work on your story concepts.

Sticky Layouts - When you arrange your cards in any layout view and switch to another, Throughline remembers the arrangement in the first view when you return. In this manner you can arrange your cards differently in all five layout views at the same time!

Even More Features: Print your cards as a text file, export to RTF format that you can open in any word processor, Format Card Content - Give each card a different color or a different size. Format your text in font size, style and color.

Throughline is the most versatile, user-friendly, and easiest way to organize any information as part of your creative process.

With our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, you risk nothing to try it. And at just $9.95, you can't afford to be without it.

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