Dramatica Software Companion Online Edition

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Packed with over 4 HOURS OF VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS by Dramatica theory and software co-creator Melanie Anne Phillips, this program is THE ONE ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY to your Dramatica software!


The Dramatica Software Companion
has two principal sections:

The Software section makes Dramatica simple by showing you exactly what each feature does and describing how to use it for your story. From the StoryGuide to the Story Engine and everything in between, Melanie explains every step in easy to understand language to get you from concept to a completed treatment or rewrite for your story. You can follow through the entire series of demonstrations in order or jump directly to any feature for a quick explanation.

The Creativity section provides two completely different approaches to Dramatica, neither of which is described in the Dramatica software itself! For Structuralist writers, Melanie explains how to work out your story's structure BEFORE you write, then turn your story points into believable people, places, and events. For Inspirationist writers, Melanie takes you through the process of following the muse by creating dramatic moments or perhaps even writing a first draft, then finding and refining the structure in the story you discovered along the way. If you've ever felt Dramatica was too technical or took you away from the joy of writing, this section is for you!

No matter what your writing style, the Dramatica Software Companion will put the creative power of Dramatica at your command. Don't lose another valuable hour of creative time trying to figure out what to do or how to do it. Don't become frustrated and put your expensive story development software on the shelf.

Understand every feature in Dramatica and how to use it creatively!

Order today and unlock the power of Dramatica tomorrow!

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