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Dramatica is the only story development software to receivefour stars from Writer's Digestmagazine. It is also praised by Wired magazine and CNN.

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Features and
Screen Shots:

desktoptn.gif (4335 bytes) Main Dramatica Desktop Your gateway to all Dramatica's key features
storyguidetn.gif (2375 bytes) StoryGuide A question list that can take you step by step from concept to completed treatment
storyenginetn.gif (4004 bytes) Story Engine Make changes in your dramatic structure and see the story-wide effect on other key aspects of your story
buildcharacterstn.gif (3705 bytes) Build Characters Create archetypal or complex characters and predict their relationships based on their traits
plotprogressiontn.gif (2236 bytes) Plot Progression Let Dramatica predict the order of events needed to support your structure, or choose the order directly and let Dramatica predict the structure
themebrowsertn.gif (3275 bytes) Theme Browser Choose your thematic topics and see how they will affect your characters and plot.
scenecreationtn.gif (1661 bytes) Exposition Map Work out how you will unfold your story before you write
reportstn.gif (5042 bytes) Reports Let Dramatica "psychoanalyze" your characters, plot, and theme. Print out a sequential outline of your entire story

Dramatica doesn't write your story for you, but cross-references your dramatic choices to ensure a sound structure before your write.

With Dramatica's help, you'll know if a problem is caused by what you are saying or how you are saying it. You'll know which characters will be changed by their experiences and specifically in which ways. You'll know with absolute certainty "what happens in act 2" and the precise order of events. You'll develop a theme that is shaded and toned, rather than ham-handed and simplistic.

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